Shreveport, LA (KMSS) — Eye doctor offices are nothing new for Bossier 4th grader Jake Skipper.He has an eye disorder that effects almost all parts of his eyesight.

Even though it’s hard for him to see, Jake loves reading. So much that he was willing to wear a pair of pink granny glasses, since they magnified the print, allowing him to read more easily than usual.

Thanks to a grant to Sight Savers America from the The Carolyn W. and Charles T. Beaird Family Foundation, Jake can put away the pink granny glasses for good. With the foundations help, Jake is taking home a very expensive computer that allows him to magnify things up to 79%.

The machine will help him and other children in the program read and write. It also has a moveable camera that will allow him to brush his teeth and hair, giving him some of the independence that every child desires.

Jakes mom, Michele, thinks this computer will teach him the independence that he will need as he moves on with his life, becoming a successful young man.