Sight Savers America began its work in 1997 when CEO and founder Jeff Haddox realized that poor vision was affecting tens of thousands of children each year. In his 20 plus year role as a vision scientist, Haddox learned many children would never succeed in school because of neglected eye care. He knew many children could be corrected to 20/20 eyesight, while others with more serious low vision conditions could maximize their sight with enhanced technological advances.

Sight Savers America has programs in place to help children obtain comprehensive eye care, attend eye clinics and low vision clinics, and receive in-home delivery of vision aids, along with training on how to use them – all at no cost to qualifying families.

Education and public awareness are also important tools Sight Savers America employs to help children with poor vision. Families often are unaware their kids aren’t getting the care and treatment they need, most times not out of neglect, but lack of information. They simply don’t realize that children should have their eyes examined at a very early age. Children can’t articulate their vision needs, but if vision problems are caught early enough, most can be treated successfully.

From the vision, commitment and leadership of the Sight Savers America team, our programs have become the NATIONAL MODEL FOR CHILDREN’S CASE MANAGED FOLLOW-UP EYE CARE.




Signed legal documents to create Sight Savers America.


Served 11 children in Jefferson County, Alabama.


Expanded to 20 additional counties in Alabama.


Provided an Electronic Video Monitor at no cost to our first child with severe low vision, beginning our Low Vision Program.

man screening child's eyes


Created a state wide k/2/4 program through funding from the Alabama legislature.

man examining child's eyes


Expanded our services to Mississippi.

woman assists boy on magnification device


Began expansion of our Low Vision Program in 5 new states.


Created our Children’s Screening Program.

Sight Savers America wall at UAB, several glass plaques surround a painting


Held our inaugural Sight Savers America Hero For Sight Award luncheon. UAB Callahan Hospital donated space to create our Sight Savers America Hero For Sight Tribute Wall, to include commissioned artwork from a visually impaired artist.

boxes of glasses


Reached a milestone with 500,000 children who received case managed follow-up eye care through our services.


Our Low Vision & Blindness Program is now in 15 states, Children’s Eye Care Program in 10 states, and Screening Program in 5 states.


Celebrated our 10th Sight Savers America Hero For Sight Event!