New technology helps local visually impaired children

Some visually impaired children in the New Orleans area will now be able to see things they couldn’t before.

Sight Savers America gave two more children technology that can magnify things up to 79 times. And it’s not only for school work. The camera on the Electronic Video Magnifiers, can move so children can look at things out the window, watch TV, and even use it for brushing their teeth and hair, and putting on make up.
“They can read, write, complete homework, see their favorite pet, or sometimes even their mothers’ faces. That talks to the benefits of this technology,” said Liz Edwards, the Development Director of Sight Savers America.

The Eye Can See Now program in Birmingham, has helped 70 children in Southeast Louisiana with this technology since Hurricane Katrina. As more grant money comes in, more children will get the EVM devices and the training to use them, free.